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Monochrome-Watches is Breitling Bentley 48.7mm Replica more used to reviewing complicated Breitling Bentley 48.7mm Replica watches. However, Monochrome Watches has a soft spot for Nomos, a relatively affordable brand from Glashutte in Germany. There's nothing here about fancy complications or beautiful hand finishes. Nomos offers some Breitling Bentley 48.7mm Replica fascinating watches that are beautifully crafted and designed. They also have a lot of technological content for a reasonable price. The Nomos Minimatik, their latest creation, was presented at Baselworld 2015. The Nomos Minimatik is its name. It comes with the manufacturer's slim, new automatic in-house mechanism, the calibre DUW3001.Nomos continues to make Breitling Bentley 48.7mm Replica small-diameter watches in an industry that is known for creating large and complicated watches. Although the brand may be inspired by Bauhaus, an architectural style that emphasizes simplicity, Nomos also incorporates a little bit of craziness to create easily identifiable watches. This is evident from the brand's website as well as their advertisements. The Nomos Breitling Bentley 48.7mm Replica Minimatik is their latest creation. It's all about the brand’s DNA. This means a slim, sleek, and precise watch with enough boldness to make it appealing.Breitling Bentley 48.7mm Replica

Nomos Breitling Replica Watches Minimatik has the same design elements as the Ahoi or Breitling Bentley 48.7mm Replica Zurich Weltzeit, but with a more modern and youthful design. The Minimatik is more curvy than the other creations by the brand. Although the 35.5mm case may seem small, it is perfectly sized for a man or woman's wrist. Nomos' Breitling Bentley 48.7mm Replica strength is its refusal to be tempted by large watches. It works once strapped. The Nomos Minimatik is not only small in diameter, but also has an 8.6mm height. This is due to the movement. But we'll get to this topic later. This, along with the comfortable Horween Genuine Shell Cordovan Strap, contributes to the discretion as well as comfort.The Minimatik adds a touch of freshness and youthfulness to the indexes, hands and other areas. Breitling Bentley 48.7mm Replica The hour numerals, dots and three hands are in blue. Although the colours are a little more unusual than the black-and-white Nomos scheme, they remain discreet. It's all about the details.Breitling Bentley 48.7mm Replica

Nomos Breitling Replica already owns several movements, such as the complex Breitling Bentley 48.7mm Replica automatic calibre Epsilon found in the Zurich Weltzeit and the exquisitely finished DUW1001 / 2002 Nomos Lux and Lambda (in a different price range). The Nomos Breitling Bentley 48.7mm Replica Swing System, which is also known as balance wheel, hairspring, and escapement, was announced by Nomos in 2014. It is quite impressive to see Nomos produce all of these elements in-house considering the large investments involved. Brands like Nomos are forced to either outsource to ETA-clones manufacturers or create their own movements due to the Swatch Breitling Bentley 48.7mm Replica ebauche Moratorium (ETA's decision to stop delivering movements to third parties). This leads to an increase in production costs and a higher retail price. This may have been true with Nomos, but it is not!The Nomos Minimatik is equipped with a new movement, the calibre DUW3001 - also part of the Tangente collection. We are again presented with a fully-in-house Breitling Bentley 48.7mm Replica engine from the geartrain to the escapement. Nomos is now available with an automatic edition. This feature, which is more common than manual winding, allows the watches with this movement to be a good height, usually below 9mm.Breitling Bentley 48.7mm Replica

The replica watches Calibre DUW 3001 measures 28.8mm. This is a large diameter Breitling Bentley 48.7mm Replica given the small cases. It also allows for a great view from the caseback. It has Glashutte ribbing at the 3/4 plate, perlage at the main plate and (machined), polished bevelled Breitling Bentley 48.7mm Replica angles. It comes standard with Nomos swing system and tempered blue balance spring. It can be adjusted in 6 positions. It has 42 hours of power reserve, and it ticks at 21.600 BPH.Now comes THE question. This content may be more expensive than the Nomos Classic Collections, but it's still quite Breitling Bentley 48.7mm Replica interesting. Nomos Minimatik will retail at 2.800 Euros this fall, which is a very reasonable price.Breitling Bentley 48.7mm Replica

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